10″ Subwoofer Enclosure

Just a simple weekend project to make life a little easier.

My commute vehicle is equipped with a pair of Image Dynamics IDQ10DVC subs which have been housed in a dual 10″ enclosure (thanks again Sanjeev). The box was a great gift and provided me with a couple years of listening pleasure, but it was a little large for such a small car. And so it begins…

I started off with a rough cardboard mockup. Once I found the smallest shape that met the 0.5 cubic foot of air space requirement while being able to slip inside a small nook in the hatch, I transferred dimensions over to a sheet of MDF.

The pieces were then cut from the MDF, using my trusty sawboard (as seen in the MAME control panel project).

Here are the front and back cut to shape.

Next, using a home made circle cutting jig and a laminate trimmer, I made a couple passes through the MDF and cut out a perfect hole for the sub.

Not bad…

I went through and cut the rest of the pieces, and started assembly.

Drilled, countersank, and drove in a lot of 1″ wood screws… mostly because I didn’t want to wait for the gorilla glue to dry, and I don’t have a nail gun to hold the pieces together while they set. I could have clamped it together, but it would have prevented me from rushing to the next step… I was trying to get almost all of this done in a day, after all. I also siliconed the seams and terminal cup, any other spots where air could leak.

Carpeted the box up (no pics, fingers were sticky from the spray adhesive), and tossed it in. Perfect fit, and now I can transport almost 2 whole cadavers.

Click here to see a few snapshots of my amp rack.

Thanks for looking.

One Response to “10″ Subwoofer Enclosure”

  1. Agorics Says:

    I once tried to do this … true test but did not cut and could not put the speaker ((
    try again on your drawings!
    a week I’ll write what came of it … :)

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